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“Tattoo Memories” the Brunson family collection

“Tattoo Memories” the Brunson family collection

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Dana has tattooed for 51 years. He apprenticed with D.C. Paul in Fayetteville, NC in 1971 after returning from Vietnam. D.C. Paul learned from Huck Spaulding and Paul Rogers, a lineage to be proud of. Dana taught his wife Dot, who tattooed for 30 years and their son Jason, who tattooed for 25 years; collectively over 100 years of tattoo experience. They all worked together at their shop, Tattoo Designs by Dana in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a family they have collected tattoo history for years, assembling a collection of tattoo machines, flash sheets, travel boxes, business cards, photos, carnival tarps, and all things tattoo related. They have been caretakers of these treasures, sharing with many who have visited the shop in Cincinnati.

Mr. FlashMachine review:

This book is 10/10. You won't find another publication that packs this heavy of a punch.  It's loaded almost endlessly with photos, flash and much more.  For sure this book will be regarded as legendary while securing it's own place in tattoo history!

Product Details:

  • Creators: The Brunson family
  • Publisher: NLT Publishing
  • Book specs: 11.5" x 14.5"  Hardcover with slip case. 360 pages!
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